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Originally Posted by runnin4melife View Post
Awesome blog Lulu, I am scrolling through it now (while I should be studying endocrinology...) sucks about the bears eating on your bikes and helmet!

FYI: you can use your bikes side stand to break the bead on a tire, it takes a bit of positioning so you dont crush the rim but it is a ready sourced lever with ample weight that doesn't require packing. I carry a simple ratchet strap tied from the frame guard to the side stand so it doesnt collapse while tilting the bike to break the bead, then you can use the ratchet strap to cinch the tire when you are trying to get the bead to re-seat. This video is somewhat like what I am talking about but I do it a bit differently.
Thanks, glad you like it. About the bears--they are everywhere and love petroleum products and chewing on seats and tires. Thankfully they never chewed on my tires, and the one in Seward missed the wires for my com system by about 1/8". They didn't really get close to people, though--so that's a positive, right!?

And I did learn about the side stand trick for the tires--just not until after I was done! Didn't know the talcum powder trick, so I also pinched my tube the first time. Luckily I figured it out before being able to set the bead. Seriously, why don't people pass on ALL the tips before I try doing stuff....

I'll go back through my maps and let you know where all the hot springs stops are too. If you can swing an end of the day stop at them, it's really nice! Oh, and if youre a beer drinker, i can tell you where to stop for breweries. Those are nice at the end of the day too. Talking about the trip is totally making me want to do it again!!
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