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Day One

When planning a trip through wyoming a person will generally head west out of South
Dakota, not us. Seems as if a person should go through Nebraska first, shouldn't they? I can tell you if you want to see one of America's great destinations you need to.

We meet Stiss near Hot Springs and run highway (blah) south for what seems quite a distance on a sixfity. Fortunately, i don't have any maps for Nebraska so I am riding on sheer faith behind a guy (shep) with his new Garmin Montana. The only thing better than scootin' down the highway is seeing brake lights, a left turn, and suddenly I have to pay attention.

Kings Canyon Road is a hoot. To my pleasure, it had rained there within the past 24 hours which made for hero conditions, a fortunate thing 'cause I think it would have been a loose, sandy "holy crap, my bike is heavy, tires hard, and I am not ready for this so quickly kind of moment."

I knew what was ahead. I hadn't been there in years. I hoped that it lived up to my memories. And it did.

Carhenge is great. If you are ever in western Nebraska, go to Alliance and check it out. Doesn't cost a dime and why wouldn't you?

And there is more than just cars!

Next stop, Gering. We ride a bunch of ranch gravel hell (RGH) and make our way to Scottsbluff, beer up and head for Wildcat Hills State Park. Nice little park, we are the only ones there and are pleased to be out for our first night.

Shep is pretty proud of his camp cooking and there is a reason why. Primarily, because it is really good. He made camp pizza a few nights which resulted in "camp pizza envy." Fortunately, he likes to share. Believe it or not, it was WAY better than my bags-o-camp food that I brought.

Stiss, has some serious "camp pizza envy" as well.

Notice the pizza tray on the table.
Day one is in the books. Tomorrow? Chugwater and on to Laramie.
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