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Thumb Would you buy a $10 t-shirt if it had THIS on the front of it??

What if I told you I already printed them? And that you could buy them for $10.. what a deal right? All proceeds of such sale are going towards the rebuild of my CB350T, so just know you're out to help a good cause, and help get a bike back on the road

At $10, don't be thinking I'm making much profit.. And out to rob your wallet to fatten my own. Check out the story on my blog at under "Basically:" if you would like to know more. I'm a craigslist hound and each bike you find, each person you meet has a story. There is one or two behind all this mumbo-jumbo. My CB350 has been a project for about 2 years now, just been learning the ways of the world, and coming to the decision to "let's do things right, the first time." Start fresh with new cylinder/pistons, electronic ignition, non CV carbs, and other doo-dads to just have that thing running like a champ. And YOU can be a part of all this magic! In all honesty, if you read my blog, I'm just trying to make my money back from making these tee's. Nothing much of a profit, just wanting to get what I put in. So big thanks to you if you can understand where I'm coming from is the site to where you can find these random (and rad) limited press of an American made article of clothing.. Not bought from the local Walmart or department store. I'm here in the So. Cal area, so shipping would be from here to you. $3 standard shipping across the states, so don't be scared. My current inventory consists of the following:


Let me know what you guys think.. would be curious to hear what's out there. Thanks, and hope to spread some scooter-wheelie fun your way!

-Matt Lee
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