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Originally Posted by LukasM View Post
Wow, that is almost 200,000 kms!!

What were the major failures you had, I remember the timing chain and the stator?

+123,817 miles. 21Sep12. Kansas City:
Oil pressure light came on. Replaced oil pump gear.
Leaking coolant. Replaced water pump gasket.

+119229 miles. 4Sep12. Tampa: Front forks leaking. Replaced Bearings, cups, bushings.

+109917 miles. 13Jun12. Pittsburgh: Replaced Steering head bearings.

+108xxx miles. 28May12. Greensboro: Replaced regulator/rectifier.

+94543 miles. 28Oct11. Tampa: Replaced front wheel bearings.

+88416 miles. 30Jun11. Tampa: First and only valve adjustment. Replaced cam chain tensioner.

+64556 miles. 6Aug10. Tampa: Replaced fuel tank under warranty.

+63026 miles. 28Jul10. Omaha: Replaced stator and regulator/rectifier.

+57833 miles. 8jul10. Fairbanks: Replaced sprocket bearing.

+43561 miles. 30Jan10. Tampa: Replaced Steering head bearings.

+34143 miles. Date?. Tampa: Replaced cam chain tensioner under warranty

+28853 miles. 18Jul09. Tampa: Replace center stand under warranty.

+24340 miles. 10Jun09. Tampa: Replaced front axel under warranty.

+17647 miles. 11Apr09. Tampa: Replaced fuel sensor under warranty.
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