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Advice please

I know everything is already answered on here but I can't stay up til 3am reading anymore, LOL So here it goes, can someone with the knowledge and experience give me a summary on these questions? I'm on an 09 800gs and recently started tackling more offroad. Price is a big issue so please let me know what the options cost as well. I've got the bike pretty well protected from Touratech (about $2500 into them already), so my questions are about anything else I need, mechanically or for myself to have a safer or easier or better time on the trails.

Boots? I'm wearing cheap ATV boots that offer a decent amount of protection but the toebox is huge and it's a bit hard to work the foot controls.

Other body protection? I'm just wearing a decent Tourmaster jacket and pants currently. I'm interested in the Leatt gear but I know there are better/cheaper options out there right? Which pieces are the most important to start with?

Steering dampener? It sounds like this is a wonderful upgrade to make trails safer and easier, but the cost might be prohibitive.

Throttle stabilizer/control? If this is what I think it is I can see how useful that would be on these bikes. And the simple ones are reasonably priced but is it needed?

Front shock? Eek yes I have jumped and bottomed out the front so easily, not to mention just stopping hard. But this one costs a butt ton right?

I'm sure there's other things that I'll read about and get excited about this winter, but for now this is the bits that I'll try to limit my push button spending to.

Cheers! And thanks ahead of time for any and all advice.

Consolidated, organized summery of responses for myself and anyone that may stumble upon this thread in the future (feel free to correct anything I get wrong):

Front Shocks - low priority for me at the moment, moving up as offroad speed and frequency increases. Expensive, Springs $250+, complete upgrade $500+
Steering Stablizer - low priority. Everyone that has this mod seems to swear by it, but seems to be an expensive luxury for me at the moment. $500+
Throttle control - low priority. Various levels of technology and expense for fine tuning throttle response. Inexpensive options. $80-500

- The first and really only thing this bike needs to adapt to the trail for starters.
Make, Model, On/Offroad, Cost, Best source, Notes
Continental TKC-80
s 40/60 $270 a set (comp accessories best price?), have served me well (2 fronts, 3 rears, 10k miles per front, 7k miles per rear)
Metzler Tourance 90/10 $310 (local shop, Hitching post, haven't priced them on the web) Good street mileage tire, 12k+, better than OEM battlewing offroad
Heidenau K60 Scouts
50/50 $265 a set (revzillia cheapest and best inventory?) Long lasting, like a Metzler Tourance, perormance closer to the TKC's offroad,
Full Bore M-40/41 75/25 $165 a set (motorcycle maniac store... never shopped here) (just found these...same as shinko?)
Shinko 705, 80/20 $140 a set (Moto Superstore) $150 a set (Revzillia) , Inexpensive!
Kenda Big Block 50/50? $210 a set (Dennis Kirk), very low miles on street, probably not worth the savings over TKC's
(I've owned and only have experience with the TKC-80's and Tourances, my next set will be the K60 Scouts)

Brake Pads
OEM, Dealership $55 rear.
Carbone - Sintered metal (hard on roters), $60 full set front, $30 rear (
Galfer - Black rear $25, Green Front $67 full set front (

Chest Protector - Fox Racing Titan Sport armor $150, Leatt Chest $120, Leatt full body $230, (neck, Leatt GPX pro II $250 additional)
Boots - Oneal Element boots $100?, Garne SG 10, TCX Pro 2 and Sidi Adventure $400-500 (out of my price range for the near term, but I'll save up and suffer with what I have)

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