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Originally Posted by vtbob View Post
When I go for a BMW event, or any other for that matter, I do a GS version of the chicken strip test for cafe racers. I check out the skid pans for scratches, dings, big dents. If they are pristine its give a clear measure of how that bike is ridden, if the rider is a profiler or real. A quick look at the tires tellls a lot. The typical dual sport tire is just a street tire with a bit more open tread...worthless in mud etc. Some put on lug and semi lug tires. Of couse these give significantly better off road traction. Checking them out a bit closer, look for stone cuts, tears in the lugs, especially in the side lugs. If you only see tires worn square and the lugs in pristine condition, they have not seem much if any off road... profiling!
Although I agree with most of what you say, and I don't know exactly why Bob, that paragraph strikes me as very "elitist". It may be just the way I read it, but it seems to me that you are saying that just because you don't run knobbies and don't do a lot of "mud" and single track to bash your bike up makes you a "wannabe".

I know that for the fire roads and National Forest roads that I run in NH, Tourances work just fine and I run slow enough to hardly ever need my bash plate or crash bars. I see way more moose that way They are there simply for "insurance" for me. Sure, if I was gonna do Alaksa or Labrador, I'd use different tires, but the Tourances or the Anakees would go back on when I got home. For general use, they work just fine for me. Plus, given the "road maintenance" (or lack of it) that Vt and NH are doing these days, you need one of these "adventure bikes" just to get around on the back roads up here.

I guess it all depends on how you define "Adventure Riding".

Another point is that I'm grateful for these people. Although they may not use the bike in the way you would like in order to define them as true "Adventure Riders", if they were not buying them, no one would be making them for you "knarly dirt riders" to use. Sales are sales to BMW and it is what drives these bikes into and out of the market place. I would hope that many of these so called "posers" keep buying them so the bikes continually get improved and are around for everyone to use. The 658 is a great bike even if you never take it off road.

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