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I get beat up all the time cuz I ride a "girlie bike" help!

"I check out the skid pans for scratches, dings, big dents. If they are pristine its give a clear measure of how that bike is ridden, if the rider is a profiler or real. A quick look at the tires tellls a lot."

1. no scatches, dings or dents could mean I ride in rockless areas, that I just replaced the bash plate or am so skilled I don't hit the things you do.
2. Would your observation skill set, looking at my GS, give you a full understanding of the bikes I own, I beat a Yamaha 250 to death when I need to.
3. Some folks may not have to beg, borrow and steal to own these bikes but I had to do 2 out of 3. My first and only NEW bike/vehicle and I'm on my 9th bike and in my 50's. Beat the crap out of my pride and joy? no thanks
4. If you pulled up next to me as we start into the twisties sporting those big lug knobbies and the 21" gyroscope front wheel, , don't worry I'll wait for you at the next stop LOL
5. By your own measure you appear to be a noob everytime you buy new tires
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