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If that is your list, I'd say you didn't learn much. What a horrible story. You are such a dope!

1. You need to learn how to ride offroad. It is an acquired skill that takes a very long time for most of us and on a forgivable mount. Let me repeat, it is an 'acquired skill'.
2. After you learn a little you will recognise that reading your surface is most important to a successful adventure. Know your limits and mind them. You will push them often, therin lies your learning...
3. BMW's are the death of an adventurer. You need 200 pounds less weight to learn this stuff. Maybe 300lbs! You don't need a racebike, but at the very least, you need to be able to pick it up in the mud by yourself. DRZ, WRR, whatever...

I think a good offroad practitioner can ride one of those BMW pigs to a successful conclusion. Not many of them are trying, though. It's just not rewarding.

Thanks for posting. You are a good storyteller. I enjoyed it despite my horror!
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