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Originally Posted by BOB RAMSAY View Post
My rear brake is about 5% effective - actually, more like 0%, as I cannot stop the bike, even under 10mph.

A little history:

2006 950 Adventure
OEM pads/rotor, 24k miles (all road).
Pads 6mm thick.
Had a light oil contamination last week (don't ask. . . ).
Pulled, cleaned and sanded pads and sanded rotor today. Nada.
Fluid changed summer 2010. Free play is good.
The pads seem to be a darker (gray) as opposed to the 'bronze' color of fresh pads.

My use of the rear brake is an afterthought, growing up on dirt bikes. But, at times, every little bit counts.
I've noticed the brake being weak before the oil contamination. I always assumed the brake was designed 'weak' for off-road use. But, what do I know. . . ?

Any help would be appreciated. Thx -
Must be some different riding styles out there, I grew up on dirt bikes in Michigan and I used the rear brake ALL the time. Too much front brake = lowside. But I digress, that isn't really what the post is about.

Did you ever get the reservoir diaphragm upgrade? KTM sent out a service bulletin about it back in 07 IIRC (took my 06 950a in for it). The bulletin called for a new diaphragm, and a rear brake bleed.

If I was in your shoes, I'd ensure I have the upgraded diaphragm, pick up a new set of galfer pads as others have suggested, and properly bleed the brakes.

You can check it for "blow by" or leaking cylinder seals by doing the following:
Pump the rear pedal 3-4 times and hold pressure on it, if it starts to slowly move as you apply pressure, then it needs a rebuild. If it stays in the same position after you pump it a few times and hold it, then the cylinder is fine.

Ideally, you should be able to lock the rear brake on dry pavement on these bikes, I was always able too with my 950.
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