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For what it's worth, my 04 (rebadged 03) brakes suck so bad, even standing on them barely slows the bike. At least I don't have to worry about stalling it off-road.

I took mine in for the brake upgrade because they kept fading/going away and getting limp. After the new parts were installed it was hard as a rock but sucked. One day it stuck on so I had to disassemble the master cylinder and free the stuck piston. Cleaned it all up and still no better. A few days ago I took the caliper apart and both pucks moved freely but were looking pretty bad. The edges were crumbling away like bad concrete. This winter I am rebuilding them, sanding down the rotor and trying to find a set of pads that will actually grab.

EBC, KTM and another brand all sucked. The off brand I bought on ebay was so bad I wore them out in 4k miles and had to replace them on my trip, twice in 8,000 miles! I just tried a set of organics from the front of a MX bike, suck too

When I ride by myself it is tolerable but loaded 2 up gets a bit scarly when you need that extra boost.

Thinking maybe some 80 grit sand paper glued to some old backing plates would be the best route

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