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Day 6: Seneca Rocks, WV to Chautauqua, NY

Miles 2352-2708 (356 Miles)

Isaac, Round II

Woke up in the middle of the night to heavy rain, though when it was time to actually get up, it quit for long enough to pack up, and hit the road. But not for long. 2 miles from Seneca Rocks, if started raining. Hard. I took US 33 over to WV 32, the Appalachian Highway towards Canaan Valley. Just south of Canaan, i cut out WV 72.

Wikipedia says this about WV 72:

WV 72 consists of a single paved lane with narrow gravel shoulders. Trucks are prohibited on this stretch by prominently-posted signs
They aren't lying.

Here i am, stealing some else's pictures again (sorry if they are yours, it was too rainy for me to take any, and they captured the road well. Just imagine gloomier, and raining cats and dogs)

I think this road would be a blast if dry. But it rain so hard it was like throwing 5 gallon buckets at myself, it was less-than-ideal. There were lots of 1st gear corners, and you could see the road exiting the corner before you could see the corner numerous times. I was cold, soaking wet, and tired, so this'll have to be re-done on a return trip for me.

From Parsons (the end of WV 72), i beat feet up US 219 (as much as i could, in more torrential downpours) to US 50, then across to Grafton, where i tried, quite unsuccessfully, i might add, to use a payphone. Yeah. A working payphone. That didn't want to accept my money. (My cell phone was dead, and i was trying to touch base with family, to see if i should stop in Pittsburgh or not). Oh well, it was worth a shot.

I boogied up US 250 and hopped on I-79 for the long slab ride north, through PA, and across I-90 through Erie, PA, and onto I-86 to my family's lake house. This was really the end of the trip for me. The next day was an uneventful ride back to Horseheads, NY, only 182 miles, and roads i travel on all the time.

Total mileage door to door: 2890.6

I didn't think about it before the trip, and in fact, didn't even realize it during the trip, but spending that much time alone with one's self in a helmet makes for a whole lot of thinking time. The week or so after the trip really had me thinking about all the thinking i'd done during those 7 days, 2890 miles, and 12 states.

No Control, by the band Pepper come's to mind:
i've been thinking about
thinking about
some things i thought
i'd never be thinking
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