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quick note on how I handled the charging light on my 1983 R80RT

After the board delaminated in my speedo I decided to replace it with an acewell 4553 for two main reasons
1. It has an actual needle for the tachometer, which I think looks badass
2. It also has a built in voltmeter function.

Instead of trying to wire up the hazard light on the acewell to act as the charging light, I just rely on the voltmeter readout.

But I still needed to connect the circuit. Some other ADVers have wired in a separate light and put it up near the speedo, In my case, I put in a small resistor that I purchased for a couple of bucks. I cut back the two wires that lead to the charging light and put the resistor where it is hidden underneath the tank. Been working great for a couple of months now.

I guess you could also do this with the 28XX series, but you run the risk of never know if anything ends up going wrong with it.

I'm out of town for work this week, but if anybody needs more explanation, I can find my modified Acewell wiring diagram when I get back and post a picture of it.
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