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Originally Posted by marty hill View Post
That's on hell of an over reach. Lousy dealer, not BMW! I just had 2 expensive parts replaced by a good dealer and BMW.
And yes, my bike is and was out of wty. If your going to throw rocks, work on your aim.

I disagree. Why did he choose to go to this repair shop? Most likely because they were a BMW dealer and certified shop. When I bring my bike to the shop, I bring it to a dealership because I imagined that if there was a big issue, I could speak with BMW about it. BMW may have terrible support and service, but I have to imagine they care about their image.

I would point out to BMW NA that this shop is an extension of them, and makes them look bad. It would be one thing if this shop was just Joe Mechanic in his own garage, but they are a BMW dealership, and therefore must hold themselves to a higher level, or the brand suffers the black mark. Considering this, I know that next time I am looking to buy a new bike, it won't be a BMW, until they clean up their service centers.
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