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sound slike you have a great set up somedude. any pix of your front end? i have a 950sm which im selling. this is part of the reason i'm looking to convert my hp2e as id like to approach the handling and braking of the KTM although i know that would be difficult. i dont know what the costs are for the 950SM fork and radial caliper conversion but that sounds ideal. is there no caliper rotor conversion kits? i have seen rotors but no calipers sold as after market for HP2E but maybe im not looking hard enough.

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How good of front brakes do you want? I have a radial 4 piston caliper on my HP2 E with KTM 48mm forks for my "street" set-up and I have a KTM 950SM front end (complete) that can easily be adapted to the HP2 E for a truly nice handling MegaMoto set-up complete with radial calipers and master cylinder from an S1RR.

The Stock SM wheel set is going to help with braking as it has a 320mm front rotor instead of the 265, but you're still squeezing with the very small front caliper so it's only a marginal improvement. QTM makes a radial caliper adapter for the KTM forks which can be adapted to the HP2 E. This will give you much better valving for comp/rebound which is the major weakness of the stock Zoke forks and there can be custom springs made for either fork, but even with the right springs the valving has to match.
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