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Originally Posted by LukasM View Post
You don't tune only for revs but also for throttle position. So you can get exactly the same mileage when you take it easy and then have more power available when you really give it some gas.
I would like to caution a little. The a/f ratio for max power will be around 13.5....give and take one unit...... The stock map on the 8gs, I have heard that it rolls as high as 17..... which will not yield max power, but sort of dangerous lean mix. I don't think any tuner would incorporate this in a power map, as it is too lean. But by saving two maps, and capable to toggle between then with a say handlebar switch...... You could set one to say 13.5 a/f ratio....and then hover the other map to h leaner mix...perhaps mimicking the stock map.....less the idle takeoff, to minimize the bunny hopping, and your golden.

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