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Good input!

It would be most interesting to see what ideal Autotune strives for and how many "inputs" it uses compared to the original. Of course one can study any pre-fabricated map and also see the exact target AFRs for different revs and so on. Since you have to replace the O2-sensor you will partially disable the original capacity to adjust...

Do you know all the original sensors/inputs and how the ECU will suffer from the loss of the O2-sensor and that you have to plug the extra airhose for burning exhausts?

Ideally one should be able to get better mileage when driving calmly and better hp/torque when driving aggressively, but with a mpg-hit... But everybody that writes in forums about the PVC on F800s seems to get a lot higher fuel consumption

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I will go out on a limb here, and say that is because of their tuners..... Think about it.... You show up at a tuner, with a bike,,,,PV5/AT.......most tuners will not focus on economy..... but rather ...max power. It is quite simple to get both, but first you have to sniff the a/f ratio of several stock runs, to get an idea of where it runs...... Then just mimic those parameters in the second map.

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