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Not entirely a ripoff

Don't know if it makes you feel any better but this idiot was not a ripoff. He's just a plain moron who had a good business and he fucked it up.

I'm saying this because I did see some of his bags and they looked to be good stuff. He started fabricating these manually in a tiny workshop. He did come on to a Romanian Bulletin Board at that time to ask for advice. We've actually seen him design, fabricate and sell his first kit. He's actually a good handyman.

His business picked up, he increased prices (he overcharged you heavily, his entire set used to cost around $800 in the spring) but he got in trouble with the orders he received.

He's just very poorly organised, he says he also has some personal troubles (wife died he says) and it's a total mess. Unfortunately he lives about a day's travel away from me, otherwise I would have met him in person by now. He also screwed up a buddy of mine's trip up north by eventually delivering the bags 5 months late, with no supports. We managed to find somebody to fabricate the bars and that was that, I think he also sent some money back.

Sorry you had to go through this, I think eventually you will be receiving the money. Threaten him that you made friends on the Romanian forum and they're coming for payback. He will eventually cave in, probably with money he received in advance from other people's ruined rides until his business goes truly under.

Cheer up, in case you don't get the money you will eventually get a good set of bags.
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