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Originally Posted by joeybeats View Post
I looked at the video again and now believe that the implication that the multi-controller controls anything other than the nav iv is pure speculation on our part.

Pay particular attention around 5:45 and you will see that the demonstration uses the controller but it isn't followed by anything other than manually adjusting the windshield with a turning knob. Somewhat funny that they are playing with the controller at all since there is no GPS on the bike.

Also, the ESC is manipulated at 5:00 with the ESC button and they do then cut to the computer screen showing them toggle through the choices. You might reasonably expect them to do the same thing with the controller if it were actually controlling something on the bike.

Finally, look at 4:30 and you will see that again they have a shot of the the mode switch being used, followed by a cut to the computer screen showing the modes toggled through.

In short, I politely suggest that their editing the use of the controller into the video is the cause of the implication that the controller does anything more than what is described in the literature, ie, that it controls the nav iv. On the other hand, I've not read the article that was mentioned above or do I otherwise have any personal knowledge of how the controller works. Joey

PS- Two things: 1. I still want one! 2. If I do get one and want to use that multi-controller, I'll have to get rid of my 550 because it won't work with it. HAHA
We shall see
Id rather not dump my 660 for a nav iv (v?) to enjoy free wheeling. OTOH maybe I could borrow some BMW software...
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