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Originally Posted by LukasM View Post
I don't understand your reasoning Erling.

If I tune the bike to inject more fuel when I open the throttle more, say above 50%, but leave the lower TPS positions stock, how would that be dangerously lean, any more so than a stock engine?

There is no point to having a map for 13.5:1 throughout, you are just wasting fuel if the engine is not under load.
Well.... if everything works perfect....then you could just do that..... at less than 50% throttle set it to a high a/f ratio, and then anything above 50% throttle transfer to 13.5%.... But what I was eluding to was that running as lean as it does stock, to achieve the great fuel economy as it does..... You need to be very careful with all parameters. That is what the stock map is good at.....and it is engineered to be. I am not sure of the exact parameters of the stock map..... But I would approach "copying" said map with caution, as you can destroy that engine very fast. Combining it into one map..... I would not do, as there might be times below say 50% that you wanted to run a richer for the bunny hopping, and other trail side excursions. The biggest thing to take away here is to align yourself with a reputable tuner, that understands your goals. Then he/she spend some time sniffing the stock out the bunny hopping kink out of that.....then store those parameter as a economy map..... then goes on to create a max power map....... I have a tuner lined up here in the states in Denver,CO..... But I will do mine with a set of remus or arrow headers first.....and money are a little tight right now. It would be interesting though to see what my fellow Scandinavian comes up with...... Last dyno graph I saw for the 8gs....had no a/f ratio, so to was just a set of lines....

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