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Harrowing tale for sure. Good you seem to be on track for a full recovery.

Like you said in your narrative, I remain skeptical of these 600 lb (loaded) bikes off road in other than smooth forest roads. Not only are they a handful to use, but they are miserable to pick up and that will exhaust you making subsequent falls more likely.

I've pretty much given up on GPS's for navigation in these conditions. Like you, I've been led into power lines or fence lines depicted as roads or found roads which are shown to go through as dead ends.

One hint which was passed to me and I used at least once. A good way to make a BMW R bike do a 180 in adverse conditions is, if its down, spin it on its cylinder head. It may even make sense to do this if you need to do a 180 on a downslope and the bike's upright. That is, it may be worth laying it down, spinning to uphill even if you haven't as yet fallen.

Saved my butt at least once.
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