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Originally Posted by mapa63 View Post
Really interesting!

I'm going to dive into the AFR-tables in Dynojets published maps for the F8GS and see what the values are.

My concern is - if I use a zero map but have disconnected the original O2 sensor and plugged the airhose - will the bike use more gasoline than before? The ECU will get less input. If this causes the bike to use more gasoline it would explain why everbody that mounted a PCV w/wo Autotune seems to take a mpg-hit! Or do they just drive more aggressively after mounting the kit?

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I am guessing the increased throttle response is what gets you..... The throttle response is slow on the 8gs......but only for a second...or two. I suspect that is from the stock map.... which manifests itself as the "bunny hopping" off idle....which is one of the biggest reasons I am eventually doing this. When you ride a race bike with lightening fast throttle response...... You get bitten. When I need the thrill, outside our aircraft,....I ride this.....

With lightening fast throttle response, as 55 rwhp, this 300 pound enduro will get to 80 km/hr before even many sport bikes will.... and I think... yet still get 55 mpg.... as of the implications with a zero map.... I would be cautious running that with the o2 disconnected. If you are going to this do yourself..... Then plug in the pc-5 and the auto tune..... with it's o2 sensor.... The run that at zero input...... and only change one thing at the time. If you can rig a setup with a laptop...... you can see the a/f ratio's as you ride under different throttle positions.

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