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Originally Posted by CanadaBiker View Post
Hey Max,

Love your Scrambler. How do you like it compared to the 658? I just picked up a 2009 658 and absolutely love it, but I kind of miss my old '74 CB550. (although I don't miss wrenching) The more 'open' back-roads touring feel. (Probably just nostalgia, since it's hard to quantify that sense.) My 550 was a bit underpowered for 2500 mile trips, and maintaining 4 carbs, etc was not exactly a joy. I'm considering buying a Scrambler although I know my 658 far exceeds it in technology, handling, and everything else. I'd keep the 658 and see how I felt after a season or two.

I know you really dig your 658... but there must be a reason you have the Scrambler kicking around?

Yes quite the pair CB, thanks. I bought the Scrambler first, sort of as a hooligan throwback, and a slower bike than all the sportbikes I've owned in the past.
I then tried using the Scrambler for adv use, only being semi-successful.
Lack of suspension and a proper, secure way to hold gear being its drawbacks. I've slid it, jumped it and have not yet gone down on it since sept '09 when purchased.
Still I race it all over the place, but I limit its off pavement use now.
I do weekend trips on it with a single pack on my solo seat rack.
It sounds good, looks good and has good appeal when parked in between a bunch of Harleys out on the road.
The Scrambler has character and many will ask about it from young to old timers.
My Scrambler is fun to ride.

The 658 is superior in most every way, except character. No one asks about my beemer, unless they are the adv types.
The 658 is plusher, has more power and carries a load well.

Funny thing... The fly screen of the Scrambler is superior to the beemer screen in every way - quieter air and smoother air, go figure...

Both great fun bikes, and at least for the short term will keep both for a while.

The parallel twin is a good simple design...

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