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Originally Posted by MCMXCIVRS View Post
I'm still interested in seeing the final product. I agree that the first method was less than attractive. I had considered fabricating a longer beak end too, but my skills with plastics and composites is virtually non-existant, so anything I cobbled up would have been even uglier than your version one.

I will add after two years running sans low fender that the extension is not really all that necessary. I haven't had much stuff get thrown up off the front wheel get higher than the headlight level and its really only in rain that I see much at all coming up off it. Sometimes small clods of mud get flung forward, but nothing of any harm in that. I expected to get more spray and such up in my face and all over the bike, but it hasn't proved to be a problem at all. So if the only thing stopping you from doing the fenderectomy is the beak extension, then don't worry about it and get that hazard off your bike. But I do want to see the extension just the same knowing how well your other projects have turned out.
Ha ha.... Yeppers.... After cutting/sanding the foam piece for an hr or two.... It was a sinking feeling to see it on the bike.... So you think that then even one inch beak extension would be an improvement.....???

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