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To the OP i'm not trying hijacking the thread, although it sure looks like!

So today i got a few more piece on my puzzled head. A friend borrowed me his '06 990S voltage regulator so i could test on my bike.

Usually these test are followed by a big grin, cause we're almost sure what is the cause. Well...not this time! The voltage was slightly different

engine off: 12,8v
engine idling: 13,9v
pushing the revs: 13v ~ 13,2v


Put the regulator back on friends bike, started the engine, same results. WTFFFF????

Just to complicate a bit more, there was a brand new Dakar at the shop, tested the voltage and it showed:

engine off: 12,9v
idling 13,9v
at revs 14v

Shouldn't it be at 14,5 or something?
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