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I wouldn't trust it for permanence.

First of all, where are you going to get one of those black boxes in 5-10 years, will this company still be in business? Secondly, in 5-10 years, this will fail, guaranteed, maybe even less. I work in the electronics industry and I have 3 words for why no modern electronics will last longer than that: LEAD FREE SOLDER! I've long bemoaned the Council of Europe's lack of responsibility to institute electronics recovery and recycling programs, and instead mandating that all electronics sold in Europe be made with the shittiest solder known to mankind . Personally, I smell a big fat conspiracy. I mean, what manufacturer of electronics WOULDN'T want to use a solder that they KNOW only lasts up to 10 years? Of course, they love this, it's manufactured obsolescence!!! Tin, used in solder, corrodes easily, this corrosion is not only conductive, but also crystalizes, meaning that it grows in whiskers, and as soon as they touch, you have a short. If that doesn't kill your electronics, then the brittleness of the solder will when it cracks and breaks, especially when exposed to temperature extremes or weather (like on a bike). These things usually happen only after 2+ years of use, primarily after your warranty is up, and they are easily solved by adding LEAD to the solder. Ever wonder why your PS3 or Xbox failed so quickly after purchase, you can blame CE regulators. Wonder why your TV failed right after the warranty was up, thank you CE. Ever follow that up by trying to resolder things, only to find glue all over the pins, that's to keep this from happening until the warranty is up, plus it keeps you from repairing it with LEADED SOLDER!!!

Sorry, about that... that being said, as long as you plan on redoing your wiring again in a few years to install the next great device (probably wireless comm) this seems like a decent idea. Personally, I've accepted it and resigned myself to the disposable future we've now created (although most begrudgingly). This sort of thing is probably why people become grumpy old men.
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