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Originally Posted by itsatdm View Post
Does Auto tune change the values while riding on the bike? or produce a mapping tool to be used later to fine tune.

The reason that I think it may matter, is the sensors that dictate which "map", are the position of the throttle, oil temp, air pressure(altitude) and air temp.

The ECU reads electrical current from each sensor, does it computer thingy and sends a signal to the injectors that result in the proper opening time and pressure.

My understanding is, this output is what gets changed by Dynojet. Add a little, lose a little. Correct?

The maps are really mathmatical logarithms. Don't know much about them either, except they are the product of other numbers multiplied together, usually a square root. If so, they are weighted, depending upon the multiplier.

Here is what I suspect. A perfect tune at sea level will not be perfect at altitude. What I do not know is if those sensors have some hierarchy of importance to the ECU. In other words is air temp more important than air pressure and is weighted more? The stock ECU makes adjustments and the output is the result of all the sensors product.

Probably no worse result than fiddling with jetting on a carbed bike, but I am not sure it is as accurate as the stock ECU.
Last I saw it, it was on a Pikes peak Honda crf-450...... It was equipped with a PC-5 with AT. The tuner build a map based on what he thought best, using the dyno in the process. The varying a/f ratio at different throttle settings. Where the AT is it's weigh in gold..... Is the fact that it allows the individual rider/owner to customize the map which is the applied in wide band mode. So there is some programming to do, but with a stock dyno capture with the dyno's O2 sensor deep in the pipe, you should have a good starting point. Then you open the AT control panel, and just sets the a/f ratios to where ever you like. The unit runs in Wide band mode all the time. In summery, as our fellow Athens rider said... When done right..... the possibility's are endless. I truly believe that you can make a stock replica, and just take out the lean 0-10% throttle, and eliminate the bunny hopping, and suffer no fuel penalty...... and then have another map for power.....toggle between the two, and you have gold ...and platinum..... My tuner in Denver verified this....... Getting close....

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