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Originally Posted by DaveBall View Post
I think that sometimes people look for a fix for something that isn't necessarily broken. But, if they did not do this, we would surely loose out on a lot of advancements. So, please, anyone that wants to try out these umits, please do so and report back with any installation issues, reliability issues, etc. Maybe some of us old fuddy-duddys will learn something from you younger whipper snappers.
The only reasons that I'm doing it are:

A) my stock harness is thoroughly dirty, greasy, oily, old, and cracked and is certainly ready for retirement before it springs a gushing "smoke leak"
B) my electrical system is VERY modified and half the original harness is irrelevant

So rather than spending $250+ on a new stock harness plus all the relays, etc, I'll just make a harness to suit the system I have and replace all the relays, flashers, fuses, etc with one slick little box and eliminate a lot of extra junk on the bike at the same time, for similar price and far less effort.
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