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The day was just surreal. I woke up knowing stress awaited. Had to get my ass off of MV, make sure the house was perfect, pack/load my gear, rush to a new ferry location, (shit, petrol light now?), ticket, board, unboard, etc. etc. And then I'm welcomed like family into a stranger's home who immediately aren't strangers at all, then it's off again....board another ferry, repeat. And then I arrive where I need to be 11 hours after I left, cold and starving (thank god for Mary feeding me in MA!). Only arriving where I needed to be wasn't precise enough and I couldn't access my email A half mile of boats and docks is not easy to navigate in the dark while carrying a bunch of gear.

I was pointed in the direction I needed to be by a drunken, gruff, but very friendly, (it's NY, not CA, where everyone freaks out if a stranger talks to them) sailor carrying a bag of trash. The pictures below paint the picture, but what is lacking is what's going through my mind. I think it needs a neologism. The definition would be:

1. ease of mind after exertion or labor
2. relief when exposed to anything that wearies, troubles, or disturbs
3. spiritual or mental tranquility, despite the conditions that led to it

asequence (ah SEE qwee ens) would make sense - arriving at a peaceful location or mental state despite the stressful, antagonistic conditions encountered or required to get there.

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