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Originally Posted by Gustavo.Ramos View Post
To the OP i'm not trying hijacking the thread, although it sure looks like!
Not a problem!!
By all means, lets make this a place to sort these issues.

In response to the 13.5-15V healthy number.. I would agree that this is a good range of values one should see. Anything over or under is dangerous. But I disagree that this is an acceptable "working range," if you will.

Since installing my Mosfet I've seen some interesting things.
When I first installed it, I was seeing that 14-14.4 number that I was looking for.
As time has progressed, that peak output has dropped a little, and the scale has slid down slightly.
I get the best numbers on the open road, in the city here, and certainly idling, performance drops.

So what's the deal... heat.

I feel like these regulators are in a terrible place on our bike. Hidden by the skidplate, with no windflow to keep them cool. Call me crazy, but IMO it shortens their life span. They slowly die.

My suggestions... Order up a Shindengen.
Find a good place to mount it with solid airflow.

I'm about to take my back on the TET all the way down to Miami, and I'll be keeping a close eye as I go and while down there. If theres any place that will put a hurting on it, its being in a city much further south. If the regulator beings to slide further down that scale, I'll be looking for a new place to mount it.
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