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Originally Posted by judobiker View Post
I got my 2001 KDX 200 a year ago. I put a Tubliss rear with Pirelli trials tire on the back, woods pipe, and race tech fork springs.

I absolutely love the bike and don't see me ever getting rid of it. It's competitive in harescrambles but just as happy to plod along behind the kids on a trail. And it's very cheap to operate and maintain.
I haven't put much time in on the bike yet, but from the little I've done, I love it also. This winter, I'm getting some wide pegs, installing stiffer springs (which I already have) and a mild street-legal kit. (Headlight, horn, brake light, and high beam.) Plating it is no problem here. The tire it came with was a little dry, and shucked some knobs on a local ledge section. I have a good Dunlop from my DRZ that'll swap on. I'd like to try the trials tire, but I'm going to put one on the DRZ first to run in Newfoundland. There's plenty of meat on my current DRZ rear, and it will spoon right on to the KDX.

Inmate Jackpiner7 has done a rack for these, and has offered to fab one up for mine. In my opinion, a rack is an absolute necessity here. It can be 80 during the day and drop to near freezing in the evening. Having a little warm gear is a must.

I'm also contemplating adding the Steahy (sp?) flywheel weight. I am not a roost monster. I like things to hook up and I like strong low-end plonk.
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