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Originally Posted by HAPPYTRAILSINC View Post
yep , I worked w/vicky while wrenching @ xr's!
she was out of my league though- i was not a cool fast desert ace

liz was also a looker!

yea, larry was a very cool guy, he used to come to the shop alot to do his shocks???

Yeah, Im sure he had to check on his boingers!

I'm surprised XR's is still open after all these years. In the early and mid nineties I would go into that nasty ass little front office just inside the front door to find no one at the desk unless Vicki was sittin there on her ass doin nothin. Swear to god you could stand there 10 minutes with these fucksticks comin in and out from the shop and completely ignore you. Shit, probably one of them was you! LOL Anyway I didn't give a shit since i didn't keep that XR 600 too long, and I loved to gaze at a picture of myself from one on the Check Chase Hare and Hounds that was posted on the wall just inside the front door!

Those were the days!!! I know your were wrenched for their Euro Savior, Davide Trolli at the time.
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