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Originally Posted by Lucky 7 View Post
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the cattle piles. To quote Jurassic Park, "That is, uh, onebigpileofshit."

These things were all over the place. Sometimes they'd be 4 feet in diameter and 12 inches deep! We could never figure out what was happening. Ten cows crapping in a circle? One cow that stood there all day crapping? Or my favorite idea: a wind vortex swept it up and left it there....crap devils?

If anybody is trained in the cow arts, chime in. I'm curious about the giant turd piles of Nevada.
That's not cow shit, it's wild horses. The Stallions (and I think their harems also) crap in piles as a way of marking their territory.

I love this report btw. The only "real" adventure ride I've been able to take was a solo, mostly dirt, trip across much of Nevada. I love the wide open spaces. (as long as the wind's not blowing 40 mph)
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