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Specific questions - 800cc to 1,000 cc

I'm looking to add a set of 1,000 cc cylinders to my R80ST, keeping my original heads and carbs from the R80. From what limited knowledge I have I believe that this is a straight bolt on upgrade. Remove the 800 cc cylinders and pistons and install the 1,000 cc cylinders and pistons. Am I correct on this? Will the 800 cc heads bolt right on? What head gaskets do I order? And do I need to make any changes to the carbs? Different position on the jet needle, different needle jet, etc.

From what I've read, this is the one upgrade that basically gives the most bang for the buck. I believe I'll get a decent boost in torque and h.p., and still be able to run regular gas. I also believe I've read that 800 cc heads and 32 mm carbs bolt on with no problems.

The cylinders and pistons are from a '81 R100RT so I m assuming the pistons are 8.2 to 1.

Am I basically good to go in terms of this being a "bolt on" operation or is it much more involved then that?

Thanks all
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