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Timing your bike is very easy,

Buy a strobe timing light

Connect it to the engine

Look at the timing marks with the strobe. They should be at the S mark at idle revs. And stop advancing on the F mark at about 3000-3500 revs. (some bike will have a Z mark instead of an F}

Loosen the 2 bolts securing the bean can and rotate to adjust the timing, (use a kitchen glove so you don't get burnt by the hot exhaust.

Tighten the bean can.

If the timing on the S mark is wrong, but it is right on the F mark, then go with the F mark.

If you don't have a strobe you can very roughly time the bike at idle by rotating the bean can and fixing it where the engine sounds happiest. Usually setting the bean can in the middle of its adjustment range will get the bike started. Ignore all the stuff in the manuals about using special BMW timing tools for setting the initial timing.

Sorry, but no pics!
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