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Bubba! My man! Remember. If you don't sell that truck, I'm gonna need one when I get back.

And so, the Parkway. Gotta say the ride out of DC was fairly painless being a holiday and all. And, surprise surprise, the programmed route on the Garmin worked fairly flawlessly without leading me astray. The countryside leading over to the start of Skyline Drive just got more and more beautiful. The temp was dropping tho and I was layering up all the way. I figured the weather gods were shining on me as I was spared any real rainfall.

Grey skies loomed on the distant ridge but the forecast was for clearing and cold. As I pulled into the hotel at Front Royal, a whole group of Harleys and two Beemers were unloading in front of me. Seems there was lots of room at the Inn and the attendant even gave me their rate. These guys had an interesting story. From Florida, they rode the train to near this spot to ride the bikes down the Parkway, back to Florida. The package included bike transport, a sleeper cabin and even meals on the train. Incredably at around $300. Why so cheap? The only reason they could offer is because the company is heavily involved at this time of year with actually shipping RVs and people south and the trains are going back empty. who knows.

One of the group turned me onto a general store loaded with cool stuff just across the road and, like him, I was over there buying thermals.This wasn't supposed to happen. I was supposed to stay ahead of the winter. Well, hopefully soon I can get back to the warm stuff.

Cold to start, with a couple thou feet to rise, it was getting colder before it got warmer.

It was mid afternoon before I started removing the layers.

But the ride was everything it was supposed to be. And with a minimus of traffic there'll be no more bitchin from me. (ya, right!)

Beautiful safe curves and winding roads laced with fall colors. The Skyline and Blueridge have 45 mph speed limits and, tho I had warnings about watching out for Smokie, he seemed to be in hibernation. I did it at a comfortable 50 to 60 tops with Big Gal singing her sweet tune.

The weather continued to improve as the cold front moved in.
Spectacular countryside with all that Civil War history.

Holed up in Roanoke and met with my new friend (and east coast advisor) Peter.

Probably the only other 2012 NTX owner on the east coast. Peter is on his way to the annual Barber Vintage motorcycle event. Had I known I would have scheduled this event into the ride. I am an avid reader of Classic Motorcycle mag which often has articles on and advertises Barber events. Unfortunately, my subscription lies back in BC and I haven't seen the mag in months.
And now Big Gal is in dire need of new shoes and, now that she is grown up, a bit of internal sprucing up. No cosmetic surgery, she just doesn't need it being already so well endowed and beautiful.
Peter's talk of Redline has me now pointed in that direction. It cuts my Blueridge ride a bit short but the new shoes won't wait. My query about tires has me trying out a set of Pilot Road 3 Trails. I have been told that they are longer lasting and at a $200 savings, worth a try.

So, this day starts at a pleasant 40 degrees and sunny as I turn to the coast.
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