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Originally Posted by Kamikuza View Post
Ok so 10x is an exaggeration... unless you take into account the buckets of chrome polish, tassled jackets, HD dog bowls and assorted "accessories"

Following pictures that seem familiar I get 2,700,000 and I bet that's not out the door. What's that, US$35,000 these days?
Yes we do pay a premium (especially on parts!) for non-J bikes...

I'm still riding kiddie bikes - mine cost 800,000 yen to get me on the road. But then, I don't need flashing blue lights and stereo systems to enjoy my rides ;)

I guess that if you are one of the tools spending fistfuls of cash on the "lifestyle" it could get a bit expensive. The people doing that tend to be HD owners, not riders.

I don't consider any bike a kiddie bike. What are you riding? If I lived in Japan I would be all over an Estrella 400 or CB400. I wish that the USA mentality of bigger is better didn't have such a role in dictating our market.

No flashing lights or stereos on my bikes. Just the good old music of a 1200cc Vtwin but then again I ride a Sportster, not a Harley.
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