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Question Advice requested on next bike

First off, if this is the wrong forum, please move this post.

So, my '89 TA was stolen about 1 month ago 300 miles after I had spent 2 yrs assembling it from tubs of parts. I have been thinking about which bike to get next and have decided on the following options. I would like to stay below $3k, and the lower I go the more insurance money I have left over for farkles. I would like to have something that I can at least dream about riding on the TAT, but this bike will be a daily commuter. The wisdom of the asylum is requested and appreciated.

Lighter than TA
Parts/Farkles readily available

Not as good on slab

Lighter than TA & KLR
Wife has one
Good aftermarket

No windshield stock
Stock seat sucks for long trips
Small Fuel tank

Streetable in TX
Proven offroad pedigree
Have a spare set of forks on hand

Kickstart only!
No windshield stock
Harder to mount farkles due to dirtbikeishness
Apparently likes to eat rear tires
Short maintenance intervals

Smooth V-Twin
Very familiar with assembly
Already have XR650 Forks to put on
I liked the one I had

Would require a fly and ride to obtain
Plastics expensive and hard to find
Less aftermarket/ Stock parts harder to find

I believe I have hit most of the high points. I have ridden my TA and my wife's DR so I know how they feel. A friend is going to let me ride her KLR and I'm working on finding an XR to test ride. It will be about a month or so until I have the insurance money, so I have plenty of time to research and think about this. Thanks for your help.

Sorry for the format. I had it all spaced out into a chart & vBulletin deleted all my extra spaces.

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