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Originally Posted by Chisenhallw View Post
Loaned my pickup truck to a buddy of mine, and it died on him at 695 & 795.

Can anybody recommend a good towing service?
Originally Posted by Chisenhallw View Post
I don't have an AMA membership but I called him anyway - thanks for the rec!
I hope everything has worked out well AND why the hell not it's more than a just a plastic card and magazine!

Enough preaching!

For those that aren't headed to VA, this Saturday at the fairgrounds:

This week has been a sh!t blizzard in hardware land... And the O's aren't helping. Indy is off the table and BWDR camp is really removed from my reality. I will most likely go see a professional (bartender) for some counseling this evening. Anyone want to join? PM me we'll make plans.
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