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Originally Posted by DeutschMark View Post
Does anyone have the jetting specs from their Mikuni carbs, specifically VM34? I'm interested in comparing what I'm using, specifically to what Rocky Point Cycle has in their kit. Here is what I'm currently running with dual plugs and the needle second from the top.

6DH4 Needle
2.5 Slide
185 Main
PO (159) Needle Jet
35 Pilot Jet

My main jet is probably a little rich. I think the 32mm Bings used a 145. The bike runs strong and snappy in this configuration but I think I'm losing some power on the top end.
You are the only one that will know, because you are in your own air density ... the bike is running ... right?

Good ... now bend over and change jets and test.

Unless you have access to a dyno and a lot of money ... at least to me.

Nothing replaces a dyno, but is it going to be happy?

I have a 140 here at 2k meters over sea level on an r80. different bike. Don't go too much by what others do. If you think you are going too rich or too lean on full throttle test accordingly.

Go fast, pull clutch in and kill engine, coast to a stop, pull the plugs and read.
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