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Isn't that dangerous?
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I have my bike in the shop right now for the same thing, Its was the slave cylinder, about $100.00 or so for the part.from KTMWorld i am letting them put it on for me while they re-map the bike.
Also check around your master cylinder / hand lever for the cluctch and see if it is leaking that how my problem first started oil leaking out around the rubber dirt guard, so I order a rebuild kit, it still leak's talked to some people and was told some times the Aluminum master cylinders can pit out so you have to buy a new one so I got a new one now it don.t leak.
You may also want to replace the backer for the slave. I did not when I upgraded to an aftermarket unit and the old backer ended up binding and causing clutch drag (it is plastic and eventually gets deformed form all of the heat down there) that burned out my clutch pack. It is worth the few extra bucks. Kind of like how you want to replace the chain and sprockets as a set.

I ended up with an Oberon and when I upgraded the backer, theirs is metal so hopefully that will not happen ever again.
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