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Howdy All,

Jock sent me an email that included a map of this trip, each day is marked on the map in a different color, sorry for the poor photos, they are of my computer screen, still this should give you an idea of where we were on any given day of the sojourn. Here is the over all map,

Here is a detail of the part of Oz that we traveled.

Remember that day six of the rideabout took us to Canberra, the southern most part of the ride, from Canberra we rode northwest to Dennis's home. Day seven of the rideabout, started out very cold in the morning and got colder as we rode. Here's a shot of Dennis's home and the garage we parked in for the night.

It wasn't long before we stopped to put on more clothing, I put on my cold weather gloves and neck warmer, Jock put on his blue rain-cold weather cover-alls. The wind and the air moving past us as we rode penetrated any opening in our riding gear.

Jock now looking like "Papa Smurf" we continued on.

I have no idea where this old building was, I just thought it would make a good photo.

We stopped at this bike shop to buy some oil and spare tire for Jock's bike, for a few days I had seen that Jock's hands were cold and convinced him to buy a pair of cold weather gloves whilst at this shop.

We stopped here for lunch and then rode on.

I didn't take many photos, it was COLD and we were just knocking down the miles-klicks, we would stop for gas, grab a quick snack and then hit the road. Just as it was starting to get dark we found a room in the town of Scone, we put our gear in the room and went into the pub for food and drinks.

One thing I really liked about the Aussie's they talk straight as can be seen by this sign in the cigarette machine in the pub.

On day eight of the rideabout we met up with Zac, the other Yank who would spend the next couple of weeks riding with us. On the way to meet Zac we would again be riding in the mountains, beautiful country.

The grades were steep, we passed many large trucks.

The weather was kinda overcast, looked like it would rain but it didn't, but it was cold.

Jock's friend Gene who races a sidecar equipped iron head Sporster, had picked Zac up at the airport and given him a ride to where Jock had left the KLR. Zac then rode the KLR and Gene drove his car to the bike museum where we met up. Gene is standing on the left, Jock in the middle, Zac on the right.

After Gene had left to go home, Jock, Zac and I continued our journey, we stopped at this store to buy a funnel.

We rode the rest of the day on our way to Inmate "Rev Tiny" home where would spend the night. Tiny lives in a very neat 100 plus year old house.

After we were settled in, I did an oil change on the Ural, Tiny then took us to a club where we had a good dinner and more beer. Tiny, who is HUGE and his wife are seated on the left.

The morning of day nine of the rideabout, before Tiny left for work we took this photo, Cob, Zac, Tiny and Jock.

Zac and Jock spent a few hours getting crash bars bolted onto the KLR, some parts had to be reworked and some hardware scrounged but they were successful in the end.

The crash bars in place, the air filter cleaned, Zac has his gear loaded, we are ready to hit the road.

Before we leave from Tiny's home, I had to get one more dog fix.

We stop for food and fuel.

I liked this guy.

Every time we stopped if there were people around they asked questions and wanted to talk about the Ural.

We rode until we camped at a caravan park near or in Burke, it only got down to -2C that night so it wasn't bad. I had a GOOD sleeping bag, nice air mattress all this on top of a small fold down cot, having a sidecar to haul your gear in means being able to be COMFORTABLE, important when you get to be an old fat geezer.

Zac's tent.

Jock's tent.

Getting up the next morning, day ten of the rideabout, it was down right CHILLY outside.

A bit of heavy frost on the bike seats.

In the morning after breaking camp we rode into town for food and fuel, stopped at park and looked at the river which was heavy with silt.

An old pump engine was on display.

Later we again stop for food and fuel, here we filled up the red spare gas can for the first time. From here on we would be heading into the out back, the Ural was getting around 25-27 miles per gallon, so having the two 2.5 gallon spare gas cans was needed to insure I made it between fuel stops.

THIS, is what I had come to Australia for, the next two and a half weeks would be thousands of klicks-miles of this type of road sometimes MUCH worse, oh yeah we're havin FUN NOW.

In the photos of the dirt, gravel, sometimes very narrow paved roads that will follow in this ride report the surface looks to be very smooth, NOTHING could be further from the truth. The sand in places was very deep, depending on what time of day it was and how the shadows lay across the road made it very difficult to see the ruts, HOLES and sometimes rocks that lay beneath what looked like a freshly maintained surface. The dust in places was very bad making riding within sight of each other next to impossible. Because of the dust and the very POOR design of the air box-filter on the Ural, I rode the Ural ahead of Jock and Zac for most of the trip. That way I could set the pace and keep the air filter clean for a long time before having to service it.

Jock would tell me where we were going, show me on the map what to look for and then send me on my way, THANKS for doing this Jock, it made the trip much more enjoyable, in this way I could stop and take photos, ride at my own pace if I wanted to just take in the scenery and not have to beat the Ural trying to keep up with the bikes when we came to hills. Oh and if you think that having the Ural set the pace meant SLOW, your mistaken I was running the Ural at 85-100 kph, 53-63 mph 95% of the way and on these types of roads that is not to slow.

Again we stop for fuel.

The first of three rear tires that I would wear out on this trip, I would run the rear tire until it went flat, I only had one spare tire other then the mounted spare and I needed to get as much mileage out of the tires as possible.

The spare tire installed, we are ready to roll............

The road gets narrower and nastier.

Then it opens up again.

Its getting dark, the temperature is dropping, the road is covered in fist sized rock.

We fuel up before finding lodging for the night.

We stayed at the Family Pub, in Tib.

Parked around back.

Ate some great food.

And drank lots of beer.

The next day we would head further into the out back, see lots of wild critters and "Road Trains", I was sure having a great time. Stay tuned.
Dave, aka "Mr. Cob"

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