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Originally Posted by Uncle Pollo View Post
You are the only one that will know, because you are in your own air density ... the bike is running ... right?

Good ... now bend over and change jets and test.

Unless you have access to a dyno and a lot of money ... at least to me.

Nothing replaces a dyno, but is it going to be happy?

I have a 140 here at 2k meters over sea level on an r80. different bike. Don't go too much by what others do. If you think you are going too rich or too lean on full throttle test accordingly.

Go fast, pull clutch in and kill engine, coast to a stop, pull the plugs and read.
Look at the first post, the bike runs very well

That plug reading method hasn't worked for me in a while. The fuel is too highly refined to get much of a reading, at least for me.

As far as others are doing, it is always a good reference point but I'm not too stuck on it. Others can benefit with a baseline to work with also. I was PM'd some specs on another 1000cc twin spark that was very close to mine. The bike was set up by a well respected tuner.

No smoke was produced with the 210 main jets that came in the carbs. The twin plugs are very tolerant of jetting variations, that is why I'm curious about
other combinations.
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