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Originally Posted by supershaft View Post
I have heard it works. I have done the swap many times but I always machined the combustion chamber to match the cylinder. If you want to raise the compression beyond 8.5:1, I think you have to. I think the 8.2:1 pistons are 8.5:1 pistons with the tops lobbed off. The stock 3.36:1 FD ratio seems mighty short with the extra 200cc's. Personally, I think a 3.2:1 would be about perfect.
How are the combustion chambers machined out and by who? I'm looking for an inexpensive upgrade. Not looking to do an all out hot rod motor. 1,000 cc cylinders and pistons come up regularly on the marketplace; I've got a line on a set right now. I could also pick up the 1,000 heads but then the project starts costing serious money. Cylinders and pistons can be had for $300-400. Heads can double that. Then you're looking at 40 mm carbs for $250-300 and suddenly a project with gaskets, pushrod seals that costs $400 max suddenly becomes a $1,200 plus project.

I thought I've seen others w/ 800 cc motors, usually R80G/S's, upgrade by only swapping out the cylinders.
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