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Originally Posted by Karbono View Post
Dude came home thinking his girl sounded better each day. Looked at the bike and found it like that. Is a "carbon" exhaust supposed to be like that? I expected the outer shell to be completely made out of carbon fiber...
The carbon part, I can answer:

"Carbon Fiber" is actually composed of two parts - the carbon weave itself and an epoxy resin. The carbon weave is capable of handling quite high temperatures (carbon-carbon panels, a cousin tech to carbon fiber, were the heat shield of the space shuttle), but because its a fabric, it needs some sort of stiffener. Enter the epoxy resin. The carbon provides strength, the epoxy keeps it in whatever shape it gets molded to. Epoxies do not handle heat as well as carbon - they tend to melt and burn through - so you need a backing material to protect the epoxy from direct contact with hot exhaust gasses. Aluminum seems to be the material in this case.

As for the failure, I've got no idea. Did you hit some road debris that got tossed up to the clamp?
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