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Originally Posted by LaPorte View Post
I said I was thinking on how to mount the rear tire. Well I made some heplers. My third hand to hold the caliper in place. Made them out of wood. Three pieces and a long Zip Tie. Just mounted my rear tire alone and did it in under 1 minute. First try. If I new how to post pictures I would post pictures of the tools. Pretty simple when you think about it. Now I am not worried about riding alone and getting a flat on the rear then struggling to re-mount the wheel.

The only tools you need are the ones to remove the ABS sensors, wrench or socket for the rear axle nut, and wrenches for the slider bolt / lock nut. If the bike is on center stand, it helps to use your legs to hold the rear wheel in position to slide the axle in or out. Same is true for lining up the rear disc to caliper. Of course, you should make sure the brake pad are fully apart first. The wheel can be a pain but a little getting dirty and cussing are all that is required.
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