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Day 11: Trans Lab Hwy to Pinware River

I rested until the rain let off for a moment. It tricked me into loading up the bike right as it started to pour harder than before. I did however learn to disassemble the tent underneath the rain canopy. REI

There was a heavy fog. There wasn't any dust though.

Well why the hell not!?

I should mention that there were Inukshuks dotting the mountains and small hills throughout Labrador. This was by far my favorite on the road to St. Lewis.

The graders were out on a couple of sections. I found that they made the road much smoother save the boulders that are turned up or in the newly plowed crown.

I pulled into Port Hope Simpson for fuel and some coffee.

I hear rumors of a beautiful woman whose family runs this gas station. I didn't see her but I believe I met her mother.

The famous sign:

I wouldn't have the time to continue all the way through but I certainly will someday.

Road conditions were great. I was comfortably cruising around 60mph and could crank it on some straighter sections with better visibility. The road is actually quite smoother over the speed limit for this GS.

I think I've found Alexander Supertramp!

This was one heck of a strange roadsign. Spotted in Charlottetown.

I saw no aliens or flagmen.

I did see some boats.

Then read up a bit about the town's history.

Chillin by an island in Wild Bight 52.686815,-55.924536

Pinsent's Arm

I turned around at this point. This was the farthest north I had ridden on a motorcycle in Charlottetown (52.772343,-56.116302)

That sinking feeling sets in knowing that you have to turn around and the trip is on it's tail end. I hate that feeling but am strangely comforted by it as well.

The return ride was bright and clear. The wind blew a steady 15-20 mph throughout the day and became incredible erratic the closer I got to Red Bay. I was almost blown off the road on a bridge near a wide valley and lake. A tractor trailer wisely sheltered up the road waiting for a safe calm time to pass.

The fog was incredibly thick in Red Bay. It lifted just long enough to reveal a ghostly shipwreck. All shipwrecks should be unveiled in such a manor.

Pinware River rest.

I decided to set out to grab a bite to eat and a beer somewhere along the coast. I rode as far south as L'anse Au Loup looking for a bar or restaurant to no avail. They only had a bakery. I wound up riding back up the coast to Red Bay to dine in the small restaurant/gift shop.

A cup of coffee and the cod fish and chips rated best in Labrador by Frommers guide. She mentioned it twice.

It was delicious and the coffee was a welcome warmth.

The fog remained thick after eating as well.

This is up the hill at Country Cat Pond dotted with small cabins.

I spotted a sweet spot to boondock off the road just up the cliff from the Pinware.

Doesn't look like I'm the only one here though

And some of this

I slept fine though
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