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heated grips / aluminum throttle tube

Sorry to hear about your controller not working.
Sure you double checked the wire diagram. Another thing did you do a resistance (ohms) check on each grip. Maybe you have a bad grip with a broken wire and that gives a fault to the controller. Just a thought.

I just installed a pair of KTM grips last week and the controller worked as explained in directions.

One big word of warning for anyone installing new style KTM throttle side heated grip on a KTM Throttle tube cam system.
No matter how much grip glue and how much force the heated grip would not go on. It got half way and just stopped.
I tried with the grip on the bike and then took it off and tried with all my weight on my work bench. I have installed dozens of grips in my life time and just could not get the grip to slide on. I even tried with WD 40 just to see if it was the grip glue I was using. No way would that grip go on with all the grease in the world. BTW the left grip slid on with just the normal amount of force.
Well after trying and trying I finally pushed so hard I damaged the wire connection in the grip and had no ohm resistance and I knew the grip was toast.
Nothing to lose now so I sliced the bad grip open take a look see. I will post a picture on an edit. The grip is wound with the metal banding heating element as one would expect to see. Also after seeing it, it is easy to see there is no way the metal banding will expand as a normal non-heated grip would. It's a fiction fit.

I have another bike in the garage with the old style ktm heated grip on the aluminum throttle tube so I didn't foresee a problem.

Long story sorry, but I took the throttle tube and the grip back to the dealer to show them. The orange certified mechanic looked it over and said it appears the knurling on the new throttle tube was a larger diameter than the old ones. We couldn't compare inside diameter of the old grips to the new or an older aluminum tube as they did not have any old ones in stock. The mechanic said he had not fit up and new grips on the aluminum throttle tubes yet.

The fix he suggested was to sand down the knurling on a belt sander and apply with the grip glue. They gave me the new set at dealer cost, some what fair I guess cause I should have known to stop the 3rd or 4th attempt the first time.

Sanded down the krurling and a little glue and slid right on. Maybe sanded too much. But anyway it works fine now. Live and learn. Beware of the aluminum throttle tubes with the new KTM heated grips. New style grips have KTM logos at the end and the wire comes out forward at the grip stop and not perpendicular.
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