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Originally Posted by troy safari carpente View Post
^^^ Flug... the "#849 Chris Bittles" backgound story at McD's...

That, along with some of the other behind the scene/real life stories... ie: the little girl at practice day; whose fiddy wouldn't run/start, or the young local hotshot looking to garner himself a pro# with hard work, dedication, good moral ethic and no silver spoon in the mouth...

All of these stories (and your great photo's) etc., told in your own inimitable fashion, are what make this thread rock... In my very own humble opinion.


thanks a lot I really appreciate this. I could go on for hours about how much what I'm doing with my photography means (to me), but I'm not even sure I know myself, but I do know that for whatever the reason, it seems like a very important thing to do at this point in my life. since I started going to the tracks in 2008 and quickly realizing that forget the kids on the 80's, there were (and are) kids on 65cc's doing some very serious riding at some very respectable speeds which would leave most people eating an awful lot of dust should they attempt to keep up, and I quickly realized...why bother?

not that there is anything wrong with eating dust the more I watch the more I find myself drawn to those that aren't going 1-1 for first overall. it's complicated. you've summed it up perfectly

All are not stars... but everyone deserves their chance to shine... at some time...

and it REALLY strikes a chord. thanks!

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