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As stated earlier...... Cannot happen , unles you introduce an explosion.
Mind you there is some resistance , as the breach happened between the core and outer shell. That space is occupied by glass, or other means of dampening. My big question is why on earth are there an inner shell of metal, that the cf is wrapped around. I fail to see why LV incorporated that. Even if they used the metal core to lay up the outer carbon..... It has no benefit. Unless you want to save on cf, thus creating a thin composite...... But I cannot se why lv would do that, as the layup process already have started, and it would cost more to incorporate a metal shell, than just spinn the wheel one more time. This failure is simply a mechanic created failure....... Explosion or staged with hammers...... Axes..... I have no idea. But one thing is for certain to me....... Someone did something to this muffler.
Finally, why is there no trace of the glass insulation. Anyone that have ever packed one knows how it catches on every thing sharp.

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