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Originally Posted by Cordless View Post
If it's a brake light that is on all the time you've either got a wiring connection change to make or your brake activation switch (usually the rear brake switch in my experience) is activated all the time.
You were right! The front brake wasn't adjusted properly. The brake light works now, as do the turn signals -- separate issue.

Most of the other problems are sorting themselves out as I go, but it looks like the ignition/light switch is going to be an ongoing battle. The key doesn't want to stay in. I'd like to pull it out and clean it, but the tabs holding the unit into the shell look fragile as hell. I can just see one of them snapping off after being bent one too many times.

I may just go with the ignition switch upgrade from Rocky Point cycle, or try to roll my own.

Originally Posted by Cordless View Post
What's the rest of the bike look like?

How close is it to running and being on the road?
Doesn't look like much at the moment.

It's close to being on the road. Everything is there. I just have to put it together. The swing arm and final drive are up next for installation.

Originally Posted by Ignatz72
/5s don't support A2DP, only DUN (Dial Up Networking) connections. Even then, mono only.
Wish I would've known that BEFORE i sunk a year and $$ into this project. How am I supposed to voice-activate my heated lap blanket?!?!?
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